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David Goodwin is the author of Year One: Lighting the path on your first year in teaching (2022) and The Latinx Files (2021).

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Year One: Lighting the path on your first year in teaching

release date: Oct 14, 2022
Year One: Lighting the path on your first year in teaching
Michael Chiles and David Goodwin team up to present a comprehensive guide for all new teachers as they begin their journey, summarising a range of essential techniques. This book will be a key resource for all practitioners training to teach across subjects and phases. Michael and David provide clear guidance on key practical pedagogy techniques including establishing routines, building relationships and difficult conversations, as well as supporting teachers in preparing for their first interview. Each technique, supported by research-based evidence, will be explained and illustrated expertly to become a guide that will support practitioners entering the profession to unlock the complexity of the classroom.

The Latinx Files

release date: May 14, 2021
The Latinx Files
In The Latinx Files, Matthew David Goodwin traces how Latinx science fiction writers are reclaiming the space alien from its xenophobic legacy in the science fiction genre. The book argues that the space alien is a vital Latinx figure preserving Latinx cultures by activating the myriad possible constructions of the space alien to represent race and migration in the popular imagination. The works discussed in this book, including those of H.G. Wells, Gloria Anzaldúa, Junot Diaz, André M. Carrington, and many others, often explicitly reject the derogatory correlation of the space alien and Latinxs, while at other times, they contain space aliens that function as a source of either enlightenment or horror for Latinx communities. Throughout this nuanced analysis, The Latinx Files demonstrates how the character of the space alien has been significant to Latinx communities and has great potential for future writers and artists.

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