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Don Yaeger is the author of The Devil Is in the Details (2023) and Wish Granted (2014).

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The Devil Is in the Details

release date: Sep 05, 2023
The Devil Is in the Details
This is not your everyday restaurant story. In 2006—before food trucks were cool—Mike Rypka had a used trailer, a red vespa, and a resolute dream of opening a taco joint. Zipping around Austin, Texas, making deliveries and spreading the word, he staked his reputation on a menu of experimental tacos coined by customers as "Damn good!" Nearly 100 brick-and-mortar locations later, a lot has changed at Torchy's Tacos, but the dedication to honesty and originality remains—alongside Rypka's memories of the steppingstones and wild chances that brought him here. In The Devil Is in the Details, bestselling author Don Yaeger takes readers on a madcap journey of redemption, risk and ultimately reward, chronicling the pivotal choices and hard-earned wisdom that went into building a restaurant chain from the ground up. This thrilling story touches all corners of the restaurant industry, from Rypka's rock-bottom teenage years working his first job as a fry cook, to country clubs and corporate kitchens, to the recent, unprecedented challenge of expanding his business during the coronavirus pandemic. Part love story, part biography, part manifesto. What is depicted in these pages is not just the history of a taco restaurant, but an account of the people behind a beloved brand, its quirky culture and its big heart.

Wish Granted

release date: Apr 22, 2014
Wish Granted
“Those kids are my heroes and by actively deciding to help them continue their fight with a little more hope, you’re one of my heroes, too.”—Michael Jordan, from the Introduction Poignant stories from this nation’s best loved athletes include Michael Jordan, Michael Phelps, John Cena, Bethany Hamilton, Danica Patrick, Tony Hawk, the New England Patriots, and many more. Imagine a seriously ill child who gets to make one wish . . . and that wish is to meet you. How would you measure up? Wish Granted shows how twenty-five of the most celebrated professional athletes of all time answered this question by sharing what it is like to transform the lives of Make-A-Wish kids. You will find out that these wishes are game changers, not just for the kids . . . for the athletes themselves. Some, like record-breaking gold medalist Michael Phelps, discover the tremendous impact wish kids have had on wish granters’ perspectives, on their understanding of real strength, and on how we all want to live our lives. Sports fans will be thrilled to get an insider’s look into the deeply personal moments of their favorite superstars, and every reader will find inspiration in the amazing gift of human connection.

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