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A D Christopher is the author of Glamorous Garnet (2009).

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Glamorous Garnet

release date: Nov 01, 2009
Glamorous Garnet
Garnets or Bust by Joanna Wylde Tessa Marasdottir has just one goal. Money. And now she's found a way to get it. Cerulean star garnets are her ticket to a better life, and she won't let anyone get in her way. Unfortunately, Daaron Von Saur'rel can't let her keep her gemstones, no matter the cost. He has people to protect, and a vision of the future that can't be stopped. Killing Tessa is the best way to protect his interests - but he can't bring himself to do it. Not when he can't stop lusting for her. Now Tessa and Daaron find themselves locked in a battle of wills neither can afford to lose. Lives depend on them, and the only way both can win is through a marriage of convenience. It's garnets or bust. Publisher Note: Though this book can be read as a stand-alone volume, it is part of the Saurellian Federation series. Virgin Jewels by Karen Erickson The Virgin's Blood necklace is legendary. Simple in appearance, it wields a sexual power only its true owners can experience. Hannah doesn't understand why the newest acquisition at her family's jewelry store makes her ache so deliciously. When Colin visits the shop and tells the necklace's erotic tale, Hannah's further enflamed - for the necklace and the man. Borrowing the necklace, she has mind-blowing sex with Colin, the power of the stones overwhelming. But for normally shy Hannah, the experience is bittersweet. Her alluring aggressiveness isn't real - it's the Virgin's Blood Jewels. She can't keep the necklace, and fears she'll lose Colin without it. But Colin knows more about the jewels than he's telling. Seeds of Garnet by Elaine Lowe Matrissa Prospera is tough - she has to be to have lived her entire life on a spacecraft. Now she's trapped planetside, kept prisoner by the only man who can make her melt with desire. Lithos I is known for the quality and quantity of the gems it produces, and mining has made this planet and its mysterious inhabitants very, very rich. Irav Tok is tall, dark and hard as rock, literally. He can make her want to talk for hours or make her skin flash through a dozen different colors as she reaches the heights of her pleasure. But can he help save the people on her ship? Should she risk everything when the answer he proposes is as tart and sweet as a pomegranate - a fruit with seeds the color of garnets? His for the Taking by Sierra Dafoe Haunted by war, Darius Cantwell is convinced everything around him is false, a mere pretense of innocence - especially the Scottish beauty who claims to be the wife of his best friend. Searching for her husband who abandoned her, Claire McFarlane has come to London penniless, desperate and still a virgin. Or so she says. But how could any man have left such a delectable bride untouched? Darius himself can barely keep his hands off her. Lord Cantwell is Claire's last hope of discovering her husband's fate - but no man has ever made her burn the way Darius does. And it's obvious he believes her a liar. There's only one way she can prove her honesty - surrender her innocence to this grim, angry lord. Willing Submission by Evangeline Anderson Men are savage creatures. Or so Kira has learned, being raised in an all-female society. Little does she know that even though she has no interest in men, one man in particular has an interest in her. Therik is the lord of the warlike race of barbarians. He knows of a prophesy concerning a woman with red hair and golden eyes, a woman he vows to bed. Though she feels pleasure at his touch, Kira is determined to resist the barbarian lord. But even she cannot resist the magical silver and garnet collar he places around her neck. Now as he claims her body and soul she has to wonder if the collar is truly responsible or if she herself is to blame for her willing submission. Snake Charmer by Ann Cory Berlin spies a lavish scarf adorned with a garnet at an open-air market in India. Taunted by a deep, seductive voice, she takes the scarf home, unaware it

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