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A G Smith is the author of The Fall (2021) and Pink Clouds (2020).

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The Fall

release date: Mar 29, 2021
The Fall
The Fall will take you on an epic adventure before time began when all that existed were the Godhead and angelic beings. The adventure begins with a plot to overthrow God''s kingdom. Can the angelic hosts of Michael, Wesley, Gabriel, Finley, and Landon with the others stand against Lucifer and his followers as the battle rages from heaven to earth?

Pink Clouds

release date: Sep 15, 2020
Pink Clouds
Pink clouds are beautiful to behold. However, air pollution from the environment combines to create a pink cloud. Pink clouds could be considered as a combination of unwanted residue, toxins and combustion of the world. The title Pink Clouds was derived from an idea that paralleled adolescent experiences associated with girls in both middle and high school. These inevitable adolescent real-life experiences feel and appear to be insurmountable. However, they can be conquered with appropriate guidance and tools from counselors and professional therapists

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