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Alan McKenzie is the author of Ivory-Ghost of the Serengeti (2005).

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Ivory-Ghost of the Serengeti

release date: Jul 13, 2005
Ivory-Ghost of the Serengeti
It all began in the bloody Vietnam War as two platoons led by Lt. Jack McKeon and Lt. Keith Kirkland united in a joint effort to overpower the North Vietnamese Army on the battle of Hill 57. Many will die and few will survive this dirt-chewing war. Nine years later, a violent tragedy will take the lives of Jack Mckeon’s wife and daughter. Trying to live a normal life, Jack McKeon, a natural outdoorsman ventures on an African Safari tour. An unfortunate event in Nairobi, Kenya causes him to run from the law. Innocent, he journeys deeper into the grasslands of the grand Serengeti plains. Confronting big-game hunters and poachers in his expedition, Jack McKeon makes it his mission to stop the ivory-bloodshed that has decimated the rhino and elephant populations. Unbeknownst to Jack, all the poachers’ work for Lt. Keith Kirkland, cartel-leader of the ivory-world, and the man who saved his life in the Vietnam War.

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