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Alejandro Chabn is the author of Inferos Edge (2018).

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Inferos Edge

release date: Oct 16, 2018
Inferos Edge
Estephanie Carmel-Baumer Xiu wants two things: to discover her life''s purpose and a job. Problem is she has no idea how to go about the former, and after moving to Asphodel City, the latter is proving difficult to attain. Enter dearly departed La Patrona, a once notorious mob boss with a deadly reputation and an even deadlier request: find the bastard who murdered her and stop him from wreaking havoc, receive a hefty lump sum in cash as a reward. Broke and desperate, Phani accepts--beginning the journey to a most unfortunate, but extraordinary truth.Turns out, La Patrona''s mission will not only introduce Phani to the city''s gritty underworld and eccentric characters, but also force her to face her worst fears; the mysterious reaper stalking her from afar, the dark realm of Tenebris kidnapping her on occasion, and her pitiful attempts at romance. Still, amateur sleuth Phani has got to make it all work somehow before it''s too late for Asphodel City and herself. Forever.

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