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Amy Lynn Wlodarski is the author of George Rochberg, American Composer (2019), Musical Witness and Holocaust Representation (2018) and The Sounds of Memory (2010).

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George Rochberg, American Composer

release date: Jan 01, 2019
George Rochberg, American Composer
Based on private diaries, correspondence, and unpublished writings, George Rochberg, American Composer, reveals the impact of personal trauma on the creative and intellectual work of a leading postmodern composer.

Musical Witness and Holocaust Representation

release date: Feb 08, 2018
Musical Witness and Holocaust Representation
This is the first musicological study entirely devoted to a comprehensive analysis of musical Holocaust representations in the Western art music tradition. Through a series of chronological case studies grounded in primary source analysis, Amy Lynn Wlodarski analyses the compositional processes and conceptual frameworks that provide key pieces with their unique representational structures and critical receptions. The study examines works composed in a variety of musical languages - from Arnold Schoenberg's dodecaphonic A Survivor from Warsaw to Steve Reich's minimalist Different Trains - and situates them within interdisciplinary discussions about the aesthetics and ethics of artistic witness. At the heart of this book are important questions about how music interacts with language and history; memory and trauma; and politics and mourning. Wlodarski's detailed musical and cultural analyses provide new models for the assessment of the genre, illustrating the benefits and consequences of musical Holocaust representation in the second half of the twentieth century.

The Sounds of Memory

release date: Jan 01, 2010

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