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Ana Covarrubias Velasco is the author of Talons of the Eagle, 5e (2021) and Mexican Foreign Policy at the Turn of the Century (2005).

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Talons of the Eagle, 5e

release date: Aug 05, 2021
Talons of the Eagle, 5e
Topical and up to date, Talons of the Eagle: Latin America, the United States, and the World, Fifth Edition, presents an eminent scholar''s perspective on the interaction between global trends and inter-American affairs--a subject that has become crucially important in the current era. Rather than concentrating solely on U.S. policy, Peter H. Smith and Ana Covarrubias uniquely address the structural relationships between the two regions by focusing on international systems, the distribution of power, and the perception and pursuit of national interests. Throughout, this provocative text casts light on such contemporary issues as economic integration, drug trafficking, undocumented migration, and the rise of Latin America''s "new left." It also analyzes Latin American reactions and responses to the U.S.--and to the rest of the world--in these complex and troubling times.

Mexican Foreign Policy at the Turn of the Century

release date: Jan 01, 2005
Mexican Foreign Policy at the Turn of the Century
Presents an assessment of the directions of Mexico''s foreign policy.

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