New Release Books by Angelia Clark Trujillo

Angelia Clark Trujillo is the author of Child Sexual Abuse Assessment (2018) and Manual Nonfatal Strangulation Assessment (2017).

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Child Sexual Abuse Assessment

release date: May 15, 2018
Child Sexual Abuse Assessment
Estimated 135 pages, 70 images, 15 contributors Child Sexual Abuse Assessment provides self-directed exercises that guide readers through the process of identifying documented injuries and developing a plan of action for evidence collection and subsequent medical care unique to each case. Readers will have the opportunity to analyze case histories of child sexual abuse and accompanying photographs of the patients' physical examinations. Features and Benefits: --Portable and convenient -- Authored by nationally recognized experts in forensic nursing -- Ideal for self-directed study or group instruction -- Diverse case histories and full-color exam photos for a broad survey of sexual assault response -- Written for sexual assault examiners at every level of experience, from novice to advanced

Manual Nonfatal Strangulation Assessment

release date: Jan 01, 2017
Manual Nonfatal Strangulation Assessment
This workbook is designed to standardize anatomic nomenclature, as it relates to the head and neck, for both new and experienced sexual assault nurse examiners (SANEs) and sexual assault forensic examiners (SAFEs), first responders, medical residents and physicians, nursing students, and nurse practitioners, including nurse midwives, women's health nurse practitioners, pediatric nurse practitioners, and forensic nurse practitioners. Manual Nonfatal Strangulation Assessment for Health Care Providers and First Responders will teach beginning first responders, SANE/SAFE practitioners, medical residents and nursing students the language of evidence-based evaluative methods of care for the strangulation patients. It will present peer-reviewed strangulation case studies with a clear history, photographic representation and confirmation of anatomical landmarks and injuries, discussions about existing conditions and their influence, identification of injury, evidence-based collection techniques, and treatment based on current standards of practice. Offering this workbook to first responders and health care providers will help fulfill their need for basic, peer-reviewed information and will contribute to continuing competence in care for strangulation patients.

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