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April R Newton is the author of Popcorn: The Wandering Little Lamb (2021).

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Popcorn: The Wandering Little Lamb

release date: Nov 01, 2021
Popcorn: The Wandering Little Lamb
What happens to Popcorn, a curious little lamb, who becomes unhappy and bored? He wanders away from the Shepherd's safe place, seeking better pastures to be adored. The excitement of his adventure turns into a fight for his survival. Will he find his way back - as his family awaits his arrival? We gladly introduce to you Popcorn, a curious little lamb that lives with a flock of sheep protected by the Shepherd. He is white and fluffy and resembles the favored snack. He is a great observer and questions everything. Although life is good for Popcorn and his family, he becomes discontent and bored. He questions if there is a better place for him to live, another place with more adventure and excitement. Maybe somewhere away from the same flock of sheep that he grew up with. But the question is, does different mean better? Popcorn makes his dashing move in search of greener pastures, only to find extreme danger! Will Popcorn be rescued before it's too late? Will Popcorn have a happy ending? We invite you to watch and read Popcorn in action! Inspired by Psalm 23, your heart will be touched by reading and sharing this story with the children in your life.

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