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Audrey Penn is the author of A Kiss Goodbye and Mystery at Blackbeard's Cove (2007).

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A Kiss Goodbye

A Kiss Goodbye
Moving is hard on everyone but especially children. Chester Racoon whom readers have come to know and love through the New York Times bestseller The Kissing Hand and its sequel A Pocket Full of Kisses is facing another dilemma common to the lives of many children; he and his family are moving. Young readers will love the way Chester says goodbye to his old home and learns that there are some exciting aspects to his new home.

Mystery at Blackbeard's Cove

release date: Jan 01, 2007
Mystery at Blackbeard's Cove
After giving their friend Mrs. McNemmish the pirate burial at sea that she wanted, four friends, living on Ocracoke Island, North Carolina, find themselves drawn into a dangerous adventure related to the long-ago exploits of the pirate Blackbeard.

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