New Release Books by Batia Kolton

Batia Kolton is the author of Jetlag (2006) and Happy End (2002).

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release date: Jan 01, 2006
HaTrick: a magician loses control of his magic. Margolis: a piggy bank named Margolis. Jetlag: a porn obsessed dwarf (is she?) is on a flight to nowhere. Passage to Hell: a young woman lives next door to the entrance to Hell. The Romanian circus: a traveling salesman falls in love with a Romanian circus acrobat.

Happy End

release date: Jan 01, 2002
Happy End
Everybody wishes for happy endings, but even if youre lucky enough to have one, happy endings are hardly ever what you expect. In their newest and most irresistible book, the Actus artists -- and their special guest, the German illustrator Anke Feuchenberger -- present six graphic novellas with interesting twists on the Happy End theme. Packaged in a stunning full-color hardcover format, this witty and magnificently illustrated book is not to be missed.

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