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Betsy Bowden is the author of The Wife of Bath in Afterlife (2017) and Listeners' Guide to Medieval English (2015).

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The Wife of Bath in Afterlife

release date: Oct 25, 2017
The Wife of Bath in Afterlife
This study investigates interpretation of a late-fourteenth-century fictional character in both verbal and visual art of the period 1660–1810. Audiovisual analysis and diachronic afterlife studies intertwine concerning the Wife of Bath in songs, scholarship, commentary, poetic paraphrases, musical theater in London and on the Continent, paintings, and book illustrations.

Listeners' Guide to Medieval English

release date: Jul 03, 2015
Listeners' Guide to Medieval English
From the middle of the twentieth century, dozens of medievalists and other performers have recorded early English. Many educational institutions already own sound recordings of English before 1500, or may wish to purchase the most useful ones available. This discography aims to assist teachers, administrators and librarians to make the best use of their resources.

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