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Blaze Goldburst is the author of Reversed Order Existence (2020).

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Reversed Order Existence

release date: Feb 07, 2020
Reversed Order Existence
BLAZON, A TIGER, IS TRAPPED IN THE DEADLIEST APOCALYPSE- REVERSED ORDER EXISTENCE. REVERSED ORDER EXISTENCE has engulfed Tra Land. It is the weapon of the rising Mediocre (Monsters) led by MIZARD, the monster lord against the Meritorious (Tras) led by their Reverend Crown DIAMONDES. Meritocracy is responsible to have created dangerous divisions and deprivations amongst citizens through Status States. But BLAZON is no tra or monster but is tortured and chased. There is too little time to survive and incomplete deaths are rapid. Identity, love, betrayal, treachery, power, survival, family, friendship, tiger-human conflict will be judged in REVERSED ORDER EXISTENCE. There is no going back! Editorial Reviews REVERSED ORDER EXISTENCE: An apocalypse made by indicting the nature, manipulating the Natural Order of Existence. If all the existing energies, resources that exist in the Natural Order of Existence are sucked out from the particular world and stored and concentrated in another, then the former gets rid of the natural conditions of life and existence. -REVEREND CROWN PUBLICATIONS An Invention in SF/Fantasy -V MUKUND A Unique Dystopian Novel -ZEDEK

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