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Bob Dylan is the author of Environmental Ethics (2021).

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Environmental Ethics

release date: Dec 07, 2021
Environmental Ethics
This well-constructed, and highly original, sourcebook integrates educational materials for teaching environmental ethics with theoretical reflections. The book is set to contribute immensely to its aim of taking ethics out of philosophy departments and putting it into the streets, into villages, and on the Earth—to make ethics an everyday activity, not something left to experts and specialists. Context-based activities are presented in almost every chapter. While it acknowledges foundational theories in environmental ethics, and the work that they continue to do, it wholeheartedly embraces a growing body of literature that emphasises contextual, process-oriented, and place-based approaches to ethical reflection, deliberation, and action. It walks on the ground and isn’t afraid to get a little dirty or to seek joy in earthly relationships. And it ultimately breaks with much Western academic tradition by framing “ethics in a storied world”, thus making room to move beyond Euro-American perspectives in environmental issues. This work will be of interest to school teachers and other non-formal and informal educators, teacher educators, college instructors, university professors, and other professionals who wish to bring environmental ethics to the forefront of their pedagogical practices.

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