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Brian Shulman is the author of Language Development (2010), The Death of Sportsmanship (2007) and A General Mechanism for Negative Capacitance Phenomena (2011).

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Language Development

release date: Nov 15, 2010

The Death of Sportsmanship

release date: Mar 01, 2007
The Death of Sportsmanship
Aware that his own children needed to learn good sportsmanship and respect for others, Brian Shulman, father of three, founded Learning Through Sports, a company that has inspired millions of children through learning resources that combine athletics and academics. After years of research and through partnerships with some of the largest athletic associations in the country, Brian has quickly become America''s foremost authority on sportsmanship education. He champions good sportsmanship in public appearances nationwide, creating relationships with athletic and educational organizations, and building coalitions to address the vital need. A former football star and team captain at Auburn University where coaches were his strongest influences, Brian has observed a shameful decrease in good sportsmanship, from youth leagues to the professional ranks in every major sport. "In our increasingly combative society," he says "sports seem to be dividing us more than uniting us. As the games ta

A General Mechanism for Negative Capacitance Phenomena

release date: Sep 01, 2011
A General Mechanism for Negative Capacitance Phenomena
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