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C C Hunter is the author of The Mortician's Daughter-Three Heartbeats Away (2019).

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The Mortician's Daughter-Three Heartbeats Away

release date: Jun 15, 2019
The Mortician's Daughter-Three Heartbeats Away
The dead carry their secrets with them¿At least until they end up at Riley Smith''s door. Her latest spectral visitor is a murdered bride with a need for revenge, and not necessarily for the person who killed her. Never mind that killer is about to strike again. Riley''s determined to help, but is missing Hayden, the hot, ghostly boy who''s always had her back.Living, breathing Hayden is awake, which means his spirit isn''t around to flirt with Riley anymore. Worse yet, the "real" Hayden doesn''t remember her. Their connection had been so strong. Did his feelings for Riley just disappear into the ether?As Riley gets closer to finding the bride''s killer, other secrets are revealed: secrets that change everything Riley thought she knew about her parents. But before she can completely unravel the mystery of her past, Riley will need to escape the murderer that threatens her future.

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