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Chris Pinard is the author of Celtic Mythology for Kids (2020).

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Celtic Mythology for Kids

release date: May 12, 2020
Celtic Mythology for Kids
The magic of myths comes to life in this Celtic mythology book for kids Imagine a world where fearsome giants, mischievous fairies, charming witches, and ageless queens wander the land. In Celtic Mythology for Kids, you'll be taken on a guided journey through the mystical realm of the Celts told through folklore and tall tales. This engaging book for kids (ages 8 to 12) will keep your imagination running as wild as Ireland's emerald-green forests. Featuring a handful of famous and lesser-known myths from places like Wales, Ireland, Scotland, and Brittany, this is your introduction to a faraway world of wonder. With vibrant, colorful illustrations at the beginning of every myth, you'll feel like you're part of the action--whether you're chasing deep-sea treasure or starting off on a quest. Celtic Mythology for Kids includes: 20 stories--20 different myths of Celtic culture come together in this captivating book. Dive deeper--Along with each myth, you'll find thought-provoking questions to help you talk about each story. Speak the Celtic way--Use the extensive glossary of Celtic mythology terms to better understand words like banshee, brownie, and selkie. Enter the magical universe of Celtic mythology with this riveting book for kids.

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