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Christie Brooks is the author of Root Cause (2021), Our Heartbreaking Choices (2008) and The Lost Tooth (2016).

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Our Heartbreaking Choices

release date: Oct 24, 2008
Our Heartbreaking Choices
This book is about abortion, but more specifically, about abortions sought due to a poor prenatal diagnosis or due to serious maternal health complications. This book contains 46 personal stories, each one from a woman who decided to interrupt a much-wanted and oftentimes much-planned pregnancy. There is very little societal support for parents who make this decision, which leaves most parents to deal with their sadness and grief alone. The purpose of the book is to share our stories in the hopes of helping other parents who have undergone a similar loss to feel less alone, less isolated, and less stigmatized. We hope to give a voice to all who have suffered a similar loss and to show that there are situations in which abortion is the most moral option. Although the focus of the book is to provide support to those who will make or have made a similar decision, we don''t cast judgment on those who choose abortion for other reasons or those who choose to carry a pregnancy to term despite a poor prenatal diagnosis. We support all parents in choosing the path that is best for them. We support ALL choices.

The Lost Tooth

release date: Dec 08, 2016
The Lost Tooth
This is a fun to read story done in rhyming verses. It is about the Tooth Fairy''s adventures collecting lost teeth. It is filled with lots of bright pictures to delight both children and adults.

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