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Christopher S Thomas is the author of Untethered Success (2019).

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Untethered Success

release date: Mar 20, 2019
Untethered Success
Being an entrepreneur or self-employed individual requires far more than just the can-do attitude and mindset built on resilience and perseverance. This book is a practical guide covering the real life challenges that all entrepreneurs and self-employed individuals face. From the bare essentials of understanding how much money you need to make in order to support yourself, to how taxes work when you work for yourself, to selecting the right entity and tax structure for your business.The Gig Economy continues to grow exposing more and more people to the painful reality of being your own boss. Yes, the promises of freedom, autonomy and discretion sound nice, until you file your taxes and owe Uncle Sam your first born child. These pains can be avoided, and success more likely when individuals are informed and prepared to make intelligent business decisions, that is what this book seeks to provide you - Untethered Success!

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