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Cindy R Wilson is the author of Into the Deep (2021).

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Into the Deep

release date: Feb 19, 2021
Into the Deep
Dreams can be magic. Until they turn deadly... Seventeen-year-old Juliette is a genius at controlling people's dreams. As a librarian intern by day, she uses the information at her fingertips as research for her weekend forays into the illegal world of dreamscaping. Her biggest talent is staging dream scenarios that pit clients against each other in various forms of martial arts, boxing, even jousting matches set in Arthurian times. Juliette is making bank and showing no signs of slowing down until the nosy intern at the library finds out her secret and takes it to the police. The future might have eradicated smoking and self-driven cars, but it hasn't gotten rid of the city's most notorious serial killer, the Crescent Killer. However, the police are willing to offer a trade. If Juliette gathers evidence on the Crescent Killer through his dreams, they'll pardon her crimes. She's determined to help solve the case, especially after the Crescent Killer claims another victim. But when she discovers she's the next target, she might not make it out of her dreams alive.

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