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D A Squires is the author of The Fantastic Tails of Sammy and Mr. Chips (2017).

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The Fantastic Tails of Sammy and Mr. Chips

release date: Feb 10, 2017
The Fantastic Tails of Sammy and Mr. Chips
Samuel Adams (also known as "Sammy") is a brilliant cat. Mr. Chips, a young, impressionable dapple dachshund, is a major worrywart and not the adventurous type. They live at Number Thirteen Rabbit Hill Road in western Connecticut, along with another cat named Bud (whose only interests are eating and sleeping) and their owners, Mr. and Mrs. S. When the dreaded word vacation is overheard, it is like the shot heard 'round the world. Sammy wastes no time coming up with a plan for the Grand Tour: to escape the dreadful prison called "boarding" and return to the library he once called home. With a map, compass, and backpacks strapped on, Sammy and Mr. Chips make their Great Escape from Number Thirteen and head north along Route 7 to the Berkshires of Massachusetts. Destination: The Berkshire Athenaeum, where Sam Adams (formerly known as "Melville") was once the celebrity library cat. Adventures await around every bend as the two musketeers trek northward and find themselves staying in a barn, campground, trailer, and chicken coop. Along the way, important lessons are learned about sharing, caring, perseverance, and the true meaning of family. The Fantastic Tails of Sammy and Mr. Chips is a heartwarming tale that comes to life with thirty pen-and-ink drawings about an incredible journey filled with adventure, humor, and memorable characters who will capture your heart. These huckleberry friends are off to see the world, there is such a lot of world to see . . . do come along

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