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D S Jackson is the author of The Secret of Santa's Songbird (2014).

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The Secret of Santa's Songbird

release date: Jun 16, 2014
The Secret of Santa's Songbird
Meet Chipper the songbird, a Northern Cardinal who is rather slow at growing his feathers. He can only hope to be like other birds. Chipper is destined by the nature of his own heart, to deliver a Christmas gift not even Santa sees coming! This beautifully written narrative poem shares the spirit abiding within. No other book of its kind compares to this one's notoriety and compliment among ACEO artists world wide! Perhaps this is because the book itself has a secret... Anyone can add their own art on paper to any page! So embellish the pages of your choice or simply enjoy the story as it stands. Find out more on the author's website: Where every child's daddy can be Santa!

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