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Dame Kelly Holmes is the author of Just Go For It (2011).

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Just Go For It

release date: Jan 03, 2011
Just Go For It
Everybody has something they long for – be it succeeding in a new career, losing weight, getting out of debt, or even just getting more organised in life! These things can seem overwhelmingly difficult to achieve, but the good news is that many of the qualities that are required to succeed are simple skills, attitudes and mindsets that can be learned. Her incredible journey from up-and-coming young hopeful to double Olympic champion has taught Kelly Holmes all about what it takes to bring your dreams to fruition, and she is passionate about helping people realise their potential. In this book, she teaches you the six steps that she believes everyone needs in order to move from a no-can-do position to glory and success. Let her help you to: • discover what you really want from life • fast-track success with the right preparation • overcome any confidence crisis • tap into the willpower you never knew you had • turn problems to your advantage * find the fulfilment you've been looking for.

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