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Dan Brown is the author of Understanding the Manitoba Election 2016 (2016).

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Understanding the Manitoba Election 2016

release date: May 05, 2016
Understanding the Manitoba Election 2016
The 2016 Manitoba election campaign began after more drama than any in the past two decades. Yet, the province basks in prolonged economic growth and Winnipeg continues to experience a public renaissance. So why does political discontent roil through the province? The governing New Democrats have weakened and demoralized themselves. The opposition Progressive Conservatives foresee victory but project little assurance of success. The Liberals ride a wave of popularity in Winnipeg, though appear fragile. What is going on and what will the campaign amount to? A team of two dozen political experts—academics, policy experts, and journalists—is following the campaign and will contribute their findings to Understanding the Manitoba Election 2016: Parties, Leaders, Campaigns, and Issues. Contributions will cover a wide range of themes, including public opinion, media coverage, voter turnout, Indigenous issues, fiscal and social policy, and the relation of Manitoba politics to recent developments across Canada. To be released on May 6, 2016, two weeks after the election, the open-access publication will provide early analysis and insights into the decision that Manitoba voters have made. Published in association with the University of Manitoba’s Duff Roblin Chair in Government.

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