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Dan Richer with Katie Parla is the author of The Joy of Pizza (2021) and Connect the Dots and Coloring Book: the SMURFS: Coloring and Learning to Count (2021).

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The Joy of Pizza

release date: Nov 09, 2021
The Joy of Pizza
NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • Learn to make artisan pizza the American way in this accessible, informative guide to the perfect pie from the creator of "the best pizza in New York" (New York Times). Pizza is simple: dough, sauce, cheese, toppings. But inside these ordinary ingredients lies a world of extraordinary possibility. With The Joy of Pizza, you’ll make the best pizza of your life. Dan Richer has devoted his career to discovering the secrets to a transcendent pie. The pizza at his restaurant, Razza, is among the best one can eat in the United States, if not the world. Now, Richer shares all he has learned about baking pizza with a crisp, caramelized rim; a delicate, floral-scented crumb; and a luscious combination of sauce, cheese, and toppings that gets as close to perfection as any mortal may dare. You’ll learn how to make Razza specialties such as: Jersey Margherita, a new classic improving on Neapolitan tradition Meatball Pizza, the first time Richer has shared the recipe for Razza’s legendary meatballs Project Hazelnut, pairing the rich flavor of the nuts with honey and mozzarella Santo, topped with caramelized fennel sausage and drizzled with chile oil Pumpkin Pie, a cold-weather pie with roasted pumpkin, ricotta salata, and caramelized onions And many more inventive and seasonal pizzas, from Funghi (mushroom) and Montagna (arugula and speck) to Bianca (white pizza) and Rossa (vegan tomato pie) Suited to beginning home bakers and professionals alike, these crusts begin with store-bought yeast as well as sourdough starter. Richer shows how to achieve top results in ordinary home ovens as well as high-temperature ovens such as the Ooni and Roccbox, and even wood-fired outdoor pizza ovens. The Joy of Pizza is rich with step-by-step photography, links to instructional videos, and portraits of every pizza before and after it meets the heat of the oven—so you’ll know exactly what to do to create superior results. The ingredients are simple. The methods are straightforward. And the results are deliriously delicious.

Connect the Dots and Coloring Book: the SMURFS: Coloring and Learning to Count

release date: Feb 17, 2021
Connect the Dots and Coloring Book: the SMURFS: Coloring and Learning to Count
This book has been created by a team of professionals. Inside you will find over 50 illustrations of the highest quality. Beautiful pictures, many pages, large format, high-quality. The best choice for coloring fans of all ages. I wish you many hours of fun.

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