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David Bordoli is the author of Handbook for Construction Planning and Scheduling (2014).

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Handbook for Construction Planning and Scheduling

release date: Apr 16, 2014
Handbook for Construction Planning and Scheduling
The authoritative industry guide on good practice forplanning and scheduling in construction This handbook acts as a guide to good practice, a text toaccompany learning and a reference document for those needinginformation on background, best practice, and methods for practicalapplication. A Handbook for Construction Planning & Schedulingpresents the key issues of planning and programming in schedulingin a clear, concise and practical way. The book divides into fourmain sections: Planning and Scheduling within the ConstructionContext; Planning and Scheduling Techniques and Practices; Planningand Scheduling Methods; Delay and Forensic Analysis. The authorsinclude both basic concepts and updates on current topics demandingclose attention from the construction industry, including planningfor sustainability, waste, health and safety and BuildingInformation Modelling (BIM). The book is especially useful for early career practitioners -engineers, quantity surveyors, construction managers, projectmanagers - who may already have a basic grounding in civilengineering, building and general construction but lack extensiveplanning and scheduling experience. Students will find the websitehelpful with worked examples of the methods and calculations fortypical construction projects plus other directed learningmaterial. This authoritative industry guide on good practice for planningand scheduling in construction is written in a direct, informativestyle with a clear presentation enabling easy access of therelevant information with a companion website providing additionalresources and learning support material. the authoritative industry guide on construction planning andscheduling direct informative writing style and clear presentation enableseasy access of the relevant information companion website provides additional learning material.

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