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David R Turgeon is the author of Clash (2019).

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release date: Sep 01, 2019
America stands on the brink...The world''s super richest bankers have had enough of America''s constant political deceit and massive ballooning debt. Decades of government over-spending and financial mismanagement have placed the world''s wealthiest in a position from which they can no longer turn away. The world''s financial systems and their own staggering wealth are at risk. It''s time to put an end to the madness.Well-respected career banker Gene O''Neill is enlisted by the financiers to deliver their ultimatum to the President and acquire his immediate compliance. But will the president take the threat seriously enough to evade financial disaster? Or will he stay loyal to the corrupt political system that got him elected? And while the world''s financial system hangs in the balance, can Gene parlay his own position to secure the financial future of his sons and gain his own seat at the table of the world''s wealthiest? Bursting with suspense and intrigue, Clash is an all too familiar financial parable stolen from today''s headlines, depicting a future that the world may not be able to avoid.

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