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David Shein is the author of Clinical Medicine for Optometrists (2020) and The Dumbest Guy at the Table (2021).

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Clinical Medicine for Optometrists

release date: Nov 03, 2020
Clinical Medicine for Optometrists
Providing a solid foundation in clinical medicine for optometrists and optometry students, Clinical Medicine for Optometrists covers the systemic medical conditions that have serious impacts on ocular health and function, as well as the ocular exam findings that may be an early indication of significant systemic disease. This unique text explains important medical considerations for optometric practice, meeting the needs of clinical medicine courses in optometry programs, and also serving as a practical reference for optometrists in practice.

The Dumbest Guy at the Table

release date: Oct 03, 2021
The Dumbest Guy at the Table
The Dumbest Guy at the Table has been written for company founders, team leaders and managers providing useful tips from a founder who has navigated through some of the challenges that a founder will face. The author, David Shein, now 60 founded his first company at age 26 and believes that products come and go but what hasn''t changed is that all businesses have staff, customers and business partners. How you treat these 3 constituents will be the difference between building a good company, a great company, an irrelevant company or one that simply disappears. Company Culture is the operating system of your company.

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