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Demi Schneider is the author of Beat Your Depression For Good (2014).

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Beat Your Depression For Good

release date: Sep 10, 2014
Beat Your Depression For Good
If you’re looking for a genuine and practical way to Beat Your Depression For Good you have just found it. No matter how low you are feeling or have felt, take heart. You really do have the power to become a centred and happy person. Beat Your Depression For Good shows you how, culminating in a cut-out action plan to make positive change a reality. Experienced therapist Demi Schneider combines a metaphysical influence with well-researched, modern psychotherapy and her knowledge of neuroscience to give the way out of depression for good. Discover her proven way to live well, to handle challenges with confidence and experience lasting happiness and joy. With both support and encouragement you are guided through the simple yet profoundly powerful exercises. Clear out your “Rats” (negatives) and live authentically in the phenomenal “Palace” part of your brain, which is there waiting for you right now. Best of all, learn how to come home to your real self to feel good every day just because you’re alive. You can begin this journey now and never know depression again.

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