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Elle Ingalls is the author of Pressure-Free Parenting (2020).

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Pressure-Free Parenting

release date: Oct 06, 2020
Pressure-Free Parenting
With parents and their children experiencing unprecedented levels of stress, anxiety, and depression, Pressure-Free Parenting shows you an easy, effective method for mental and physical health and performance. Every family deserves to have coping skills and tools to live a fulfilling life. High performance coach Elle Ingalls helps you understand the science of the fight-or-flight stress response and gives you tools to stop it. You''ll clarify what''s really causing your stress, use her simple 10-Second Solution, and reduce the drama and over-reaction that keeps your family locked in the stress cycle. This straight-forward approach is easy for adults to learn and eventually master, and easy to teach to children of all ages. It reduces test anxiety, panic attacks, and anger. It boosts your immune system, cognitive function, and athletic performance. Elle reveals how stress hormone releases are the cause of chronic conditions and diseases from eczema and heart disease, to allergies and insomnia. And how lack of focus and willpower, stomach aches and much of our anxiety is directly related to these hormones.This book is especially helpful to families with one or more high-achievers in the household. High-achievers tend to put excess pressure on themselves to perform, and often hide their anxiety and struggles from others. The result is a pattern of poor mental health habits that hinder their true potential.With tips to make sure you''re covering the needs of your family and tips to deal with age-specific stressors from pregnancy to adult children, Pressure-Free Parenting is a comprehensive guide for a family looking to live a happy, healthy life.

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