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Garamond Press is the author of Obamacare for Beginners (2013), The Five Love Languages 30 Minutes - The Expert Guide to Gary D Chapman's Critically Acclaimed Book. (2013) and The World Guide 2001/2002 (2001).

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Obamacare for Beginners

release date: Apr 01, 2013
Obamacare for Beginners
"Revealing the essentials of ObamaCare, from its history to its implementation, 'ObamaCare for Beginners' is an accessible introduction to the key terms, timeline, and regulations of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.... Although ObamaCare is complex, understanding its implications for your health shouldn't be. 'ObamaCare for Beginners: Your Survival Guide Book to Beating ObamaCare' simplifies the law and helps you take the first steps toward navigating your individual health care plan."--P [4] of cover.

The Five Love Languages 30 Minutes - The Expert Guide to Gary D Chapman's Critically Acclaimed Book.

release date: Jul 01, 2013
The Five Love Languages 30 Minutes - The Expert Guide to Gary D Chapman's Critically Acclaimed Book.
Love can last; you just need to know how to speak the right love languages. The 5 Love Languages 30 minutes is the essential guide to quickly understanding the important lessons on how to communicate and receive love outlined in Dr. Gary Chapman's best-selling book, The 5 Love Languages. Understand the key ideas of The 5 Love Languages in a fraction of the time, using this guide's: Concise synopsis, which examines the principles of The 5 Love Languages In-depth analysis of key concepts, such as the five love languages and the "Emotional Love Tank" Practical applications for identifying your partner's primary love languages and your own Insightful background on Dr. Gary Chapman and the origins of the book Extensive recommended reading list and glossary In The 5 Love Languages, best-selling author Gary Chapman answers a burning question posed by a man thrice divorced, "What happens to love after the wedding?" With a background in counseling and anthropology, Chapman offers couples a simple yet profound answer to building a love that endures-identify your primary love language and become fluent in the love language of your significant other. Thirty years of marriage counseling have enabled Chapman to identify the five love languages that people use to communicate their love: words of affirmation, quality time, receiving gifts, acts of service, and physical touch. According to Chapman, when couples don't speak the same emotional language, love, security, and trust evaporate and are replaced by feelings of isolation, resentment, loneliness, and anger. An indispensible resource for all couples, The 5 Love Languages provides guidelines for both restoring and enhancing love through communication and understanding. About the 30 Minute Expert Series The 30 Minute Expert Series is designed for busy individuals interested in exploring a book's ideas, history, application, and critical reception. The series offers detailed analyses, critical presentations of key ideas and their application, extensive reading lists for additional information, and contextual understanding of the work of leading authors. Designed as companions to the original works, the 30 Minute Expert Series enables readers to develop expert knowledge of important works 30 minutes. As with all books in the 30 Minute Expert Series, this book is intended to be purchased alongside the reviewed title, The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts.

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