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Heike E Daldrup-Link is the author of Diversity in Medicine (2021).

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Diversity in Medicine

release date: May 24, 2021
Diversity in Medicine
Diverse backgrounds and experiences of healthcare workers are essential to the progress and impact of clinical medicine. This book presents a collection of action items that will propell aninclusive culture. These action items have been identified based on personal stories and experiences from healthcare workers with a broad array of skills, talents and perspectives. Topics discussed by our authors reflect the increasing complexity of diversity in the field of medicine and related fields in terms of race/ethnicity, economic background, age, gender, sex and sexuality, among many others. Collectively, lessons learned from insights and stories presented in this book will broaden the readers perspective and create a fundamental framework of empathy and understanding. This book is essential reading for everyone who wants to maximize the power of diversity in the field of medicine and medical sciences, including health care professionals, scientists and administrators. Insights shared here will be also useful for students, staff and faculty who are working in other fields of science, technology, engineering, mathematics and medicine (STEM). Readers of this book will develop an increased awareness and understanding of cultures and thought processes that are different than their own and thereby, increase their effectiveness in interpersonal communications and negotiations.The book is composed of 11 chapters which provide detailed insights into different aspectsof diversity in medicine. The book also discusses strengths and needs of trainees from diverse backgrounds, who are new to the academic environment. Each chapter starts with a summary of a specific diversity topic, followed by a list of actionable items that can help to seize specific opportunities and address biases and barriers. These actionable items can help the reader to foster diversity and inclusion in their own community and/or at their own institution. Developing cultural competency of organizational leaders and team members can create a culture of fulfillment, creativity, productivity and prosperity. Recognizing unique skills, talents and insights of team members from diverse backgrounds will help the reader to broaden their perspectives, collaborate effectively and spark medical innovation.

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