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J T Krul is the author of The Ivory King (2021) and Michael Turner Creations Softcover (2021).

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The Ivory King

release date: Oct 01, 2021
The Ivory King
In the kingdom of Safina Ararat, jubilation is in the air as a celebration for the elephant king Gamon approaches. A blacksmith's apprentice, a badger named Bixel, is perhaps more excited than anyone else because he has been given the opportunity to attend the royal festivities and present the beloved king with a gift he forged himself. It will be a night Bixel will never forget, but not for the reasons he thinks. You see, there is something vile and treacherous creeping up in the darkness, an evil that will strike at the very heart of the kingdom. Swords will be drawn. War will be waged. A king will fall. With the kingdom facing annihilation, Bixel will embark on a mission of faith - a very special quest that may be the only way to save the home he has loved since he was just a cub. He is no warrior. He is no hero. But, will he be enough?An illustrated fantasy novel with an anthropomorphic flair, The Ivory King chronicles a humble badger's journey into the wild to learn what it means to have courage and honor and discover the heavy cost that is sometimes required.

Michael Turner Creations Softcover

release date: Jun 15, 2021
Michael Turner Creations Softcover
Michael Turner Creations brings you the visionary creators most cherished properties as they've never been seen before, presented in this over-sized hardcover format edition. Journey beneath the surface of the ocean in FATHOM, the best-selling comic book of 1998 and the milestone creation of artist Michael Turner. Witness the debut of SOULFIRE, as Malikai, Grace, and friends traverse a futuristic world built upon technology but ruled by magic! And get a rare glimpse at one of Turner's most ambitious creations with the short, introductory story of EKOS. Showcasing three of Turner's most popular and beloved properties with some exciting surprises along the way, this is the most comprehensive collection of MICHAEL TURNER CREATIONS ever!

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