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Jacques-Henri Coste is the author of The Crisis and Renewal of American Capitalism (2021).

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The Crisis and Renewal of American Capitalism

release date: Jun 30, 2021
The Crisis and Renewal of American Capitalism
Despite the reversal of America''s fortune from the triumphalism of the Roaring Nineties to the gloom of the lost decade and the Great Depression, theoretical conceptions of US capitalism have remained surprisingly unchanged. This book departs from the American political economy literature to identify three common myths that have shaped our conceptualization of US capitalism: its reduction to a state-market dyad dis-embedded from societal factors; the illusion of a weak state and the synchronic conception of the US variety of capitalism. To remedy these pitfalls, the authors propose a civilizational approach to American political economy at the crossroads between cultural studies, history, sociology and political science. Drawing together contributions from a rich variety of fields (from geography to cultural studies, political science and sociology) this work sheds a new light on America''s "cultural political economy" combining theoretical reflection with empirical data and offering innovative perspectives on the crisis and renewal of American capitalism. This book will be of interest to students and scholars interested in the dynamics of capitalism and its societal ramifications beyond economics. The multidisciplinary nature of this book also makes it a useful learning tool for students working in American politics, comparative political economy and urban sociology and capitalism and society.

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