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James C Scott is the author of The Summit Mindset (2023).

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The Summit Mindset

release date: Sep 12, 2023
The Summit Mindset
Find Your North Star ​What stops us from succeeding? Do we not believe in ourselves? The most critical part of achievement might be perspective. Creating self-confidence takes focus and determination. But accomplishing great ambitions is possible. We can become the people we want to be and have our dream careers. The first step is to embrace change. Next, is to examine our lives. What do we truly want? When you have answered this question, you have found your North Star. Follow it and you will evolve--personally and professionally--while you climb to the summit. The Summit Mindset is based on insights the authors have acquired through experience and study. They developed a methodology to guide careers, grow revenues, exercise positive influence, and deliver happiness. In business, this increases productivity by improving the lives of employees, who become a part of something greater than themselves. The authors share stories of their experiences while providing examples and understanding of what made companies and individuals excel when others faltered. Any person, institution, or business can increase performance by using the processes and perspective outlined in these pages.

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