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Janis F Kearney is the author of The Jake Mosby Story (2020).

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The Jake Mosby Story

release date: Sep 01, 2020
The Jake Mosby Story
The Jake Mosby Story centers around the life of 90-year-old Korean War hero Jake Mosby, his Bride of 65 years Frances, and their children and grandchildren. Jake Mosby's amazing life experiences began early--he became the patriarch of his family at the age of 11 years old; taking over his ailing father's role as provider and caretaker for his mother and sibling and hiring out to a large rice farmer in the community. His story, Jake says, would not be worth writing if he had not met and married the woman he calls his soul mate. Frances and Jake met doing what has meant so much to them both throughout their lives --praising God through song. For many years, each of them belonged to family singing groups. Beyond his close family relationship, Jake served his country with distinction during the Korean war, including one memorable special project under General Omar Bradly - one of America's first black generals - who served in both WWII, and the Korean War and oversaw the transformation of the 82nd Infantry Division into the first American airborne division. Mr. Mosby, who never went beyond third grade in his segregated Prairie County school, is a riveting storyteller with an innate wisdom about life and history. His story is American history, Arkansas history and African American history. Jake Mosby today cares for and continues to dote of his bride of 65 years, who now suffers Alzheimer. He continues to be grateful for their blessings, for his community, his church, and his family of seven children and grandchildren. He is proud that his children today represent moral values, faith, family, and self-responsibility.

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