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Janyce Helen Van Es is the author of Blindspot (2005).

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release date: Apr 01, 2005
Do we really know and understand our pets? Are we totally aware of their personalities and their habits, good and bad, even when we aren't around to observe them? Of course not! How could we? The neighbors tell us that our sweet little dog just trashed their yard with the garbage bag, or their cat is afraid to go outside. Well, what if a pet's main caretaker dies, and he/she is left to fend for him/herself? Blindspot is a blind Australian shepherd who loves his owner unconditionally, as expected. Unintentionally, she fails to realize all his needs when it comes to health and well-being, causing the dog to find his own meals, and he does, in animal and human flesh. Creating an overall panic and disruption in a small town in Texas, a Native American widow, Nelda Cannon, is totally unaware of her dog's eating habits. When she learns that he is suspected of murder, and it is her responsibility to be aware of what he does, she literally goes underground to protect him and herself. This story is not only focused on a misunderstood, hungry dog. It also raises some issues about the plight of the Native Americans, and their entitlements to land and privacy, the questions concerning the capture and elimination of endangered species if they are dangerous to mankind, and focuses on the loyalty of one family through hard and difficult times. A chain of strange circumstances follow for Nelda Cannon and the dog's benefit, leaving the reader totally amazed or perplexed in the ending of this story.

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