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Jason Aaron is the author of King Conan (2022).

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King Conan

release date: Jun 28, 2022
King Conan
Jason Aaron and Mahmud Asrar return to the saga of Conan, to present the Barbarian's last stand at the edge of the world! And together they take the Cimmerian further than has ever been revealed in any media to date! As Robert E. Howard posited, when King Conan of Aquilonia grows restless on the throne, he sails west, toward land and adventure unknown. Now, see the first step of that fateful journey, as an old and terrible danger threatens to end King Conan's saga once and for all! When an unholy alliance is forged and fallen warriors rise to fight again, will Conan finally be forced to succumb to the lure of cursed sorcery? And what of his son, Prince Conn -- and the kingdom of Aquilonia left behind? Prepare for the adventure of a lifetime!

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