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Jeanette Vuuren is the author of Honeybee's Life Cycle (2013).

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Honeybee's Life Cycle

release date: Dec 26, 2013
Honeybee's Life Cycle
LIFE CYCLE OF A HONEYBEE - FROM AN EGG TO AN ADULT BEEIn HONEYBEE'S LIFE CYCLE, Volume 2, Honeybee, a friendly little female worker bee, explains the metamorphosis of a honey bee, focusing on the main features and characteristics of each stage. She loves using rhyming words whenever the opportunity arises and aims to repeat the information in a fun way to help readers remember the facts. The repetitive use of terminology and information given in the book through the use of words in bold, sentences, labels and diagrams, will assist readers to reinforce their memory, either through incidental reading or intentional learning. CLEAR DIAGRAMS, LABELS & COLORFUL PICTURESThe book starts off with a diagram of the life cycle of a honeybee, showing only pictures and arrows, and includes the one with labels at the end of the book. Each phase is clearly explained with the use of colorful pictures, illustrated by Sudipta Dasgupta (Steve), easy-to-understand sentences and the correct use of terminology at all times. A diagram is included to show how long it takes for each type of bee in the hive to be fully developed from an egg to an adult bee.After reading this informative book, readers will certainly have a clear understanding of the metamorphosis of a honey bee and be able to name each phase in the correct order. TERMINOLOGYTerminology used in Honeybee's Life Cycle Volume 2 is; queen bee, drone bee, worker bee, brood, life cycle, egg, hatch, larva, eat, pollen, nectar, beebread, shed, nymph, big, turn, vertically, cell, stop, eating, pupa, sleep, changes, grow, wings, eyes, legs, adult bee, chew, emerge, grow, mature, developTHE HONEYBEE SERIES BY JEANETTE VUUREN - A GREAT RESOURCE ON HONEY BEES!Honeybee, a little female worker bee, explains most of the information provided in the Honeybee Series and will certainly entertain readers while providing them with valuable information about these little insects.INFORMATION SERIES - HONEYBEE SERIES VOLUMES 1 TO 4 & FLASH CARDSThe first four volumes of the Honeybee Series provide young readers with the most important facts about honeybees. The FLASH CARDS with big pictures, headings and labels available for Volumes 1 to 4 serve as great resources to refresh students' memory during class discussions, projects and worksheet activities or to assist students that speak English as an additional language to get a better understanding of the meanings of the words used throughout the books.HONEYBEE DICTIONARIES VOLUME 11 FOR AGES 5-8 AND VOLUME 12 FOR AGES 9-12The two dictionaries are aimed at different age levels; Honeybees Dictionary 1 Volume 11 for ages 5 to 8, and Honeybee's Dictionary 2 Volume 12 for ages 9 to 12 - will certainly provide readers with all the necessary information needed at primary school level.TEACHING RESOURCES ALIGNED TO COMMON CORE STATE STANDARDS ON TEACHERS PAY TEACHERSVisit the Clever Mind Series website to find FLASH CARDS and worksheet activities aligned to Common Core State Standards available on TEACHERS PAY TEACHERS.

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