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Jeff Bingaman is the author of Breakdown (2022), Scrambling to Pay the Bills (1996), Integrating Commercial and Military Technologies for National Strength (1991) and Deterrence in Decay (1989).

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release date: Oct 15, 2022
In his thirty-year career representing the citizens of New Mexico in the US Senate, Jeff Bingaman witnessed great things accomplished through the legislative process. He also had a front-row seat for the breakdown of governing norms and the radical increases in polarization and partisanship that now plague what was once called the world’s greatest deliberative body. Breakdown: Lessons for a Congress in Crisis traces the development of congressional dysfunction over more than three decades and provides eight case studies that examine how the crisis affects our government’s ability to meet major policy challenges. We didn’t always have a Senate that failed in its basic public obligations, including catalyzing a robust economy, confronting climate change, improving health care, fixing education, preserving public lands, and avoiding unnecessary wars. We do now. Presenting insightful analysis of the causes and consequences of the dysfunction in Congress, Breakdown shows how Congress fails at the tasks Americans expect it to perform and, more importantly, how it might begin again to succeed.

Scrambling to Pay the Bills

release date: Jan 01, 1996

Integrating Commercial and Military Technologies for National Strength

4 results found

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