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Jeff Kerns is the author of The Napkin Advisor (2017).

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The Napkin Advisor

release date: Oct 06, 2017
The Napkin Advisor
Have you ever imagined what it would be like if you could easily explain any concept to any prospect or client? And, explain it in such a way that it would be etched in their mind for months to come?For years, salespeople have used the back of a napkin to illustrate concepts and ideas. The reason? Using the back of the napkin requires making the even the most complex ideas easy to understand.Since the overwhelming majority of people have little understanding of either need for income protection or the products that provide the solutions, it is critical that agents, planners and advisors have a simple and effective way to communicate not only the importance of income protection, but also how the various products work.In this book, Jeff Kerns and Chris Carlson will reveal 50 ways you can use the back of a napkin to have a robust income protection conversation with an individual, a business owner or a corporate decision maker. If you become proficient in only one or two of these concepts, presenting income protection products will become so easy and your sales and commissions will skyrocket!

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