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Jennifer A Bell is the author of Assist Students in Improving Their Oral Communication Skills (1985).

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Assist Students in Improving Their Oral Communication Skills

release date: Jan 01, 1985
Assist Students in Improving Their Oral Communication Skills
This module, one in a series of performance-based teacher education learning packages, focuses on a specific skill that vocational educators need in order to integrate the teaching and reinforcement of basic skills into their regular vocational instruction. The purpose of the module is to give educators skill in helping students improve their oral communication skills. It provides practical techniques teachers can use (1) to assess their own skills and those of their students, (2) to motivate students to improve their skills, and (3) to create an environment conducive to skill improvement. Introductory material provides terminal and enabling objectives, a list of resources, and general information. The main portion of the module includes three learning experiences based on the enabling objectives. Each learning experience presents learning activities with information sheets, checklists, samples, and case studies. Optional activities are provided. Completion of these three learning experiences should lead to achievement of the terminal objective presented in the fourth and final learning experience. The latter provides for a teacher performance assessment by a resource person. An assessment form is included. (YLB)

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