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Jenny Kien is the author of The Battle Between the Moon and Sun (2003) and Reinstating the Divine Woman in Judaism (2000).

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The Battle Between the Moon and Sun

release date: Jan 01, 2003
The Battle Between the Moon and Sun
Woman''s mysterious bleedings in time with moon cycles were first seen as the human embodiment of the cosmic mysteries of birth, death and rebirth and served as the basis for time-keeping. With the rise of absolute kingships in the Ancient Near East, authority shifted from women and goddesses to men and gods. The male sun displaced the cycling moon as dominant deity. This conflict between the moon and sun estranged women from the cosmic dance and led to their social marginalization. Spiritual imagery became solar, an exclusive and masculine imagery recognizing only one truth and demonizing all else. Incorporated into Judaism and Christianity, this imagery became an integral part of Western culture. The history of the Jewish and Christian calendars show how women were excluded from time-keeping, further marginalizing them. This eliminated the natural world from time-keeping, adding to our alienation from nature. To end the Battle between the Moon and Sun a new spiritual imagery must replace the current solar form. The history of the Battle shows that redeveloping the old female lunar imagery could help restore social inclusiveness and a reverence for life.

Reinstating the Divine Woman in Judaism

release date: Jan 01, 2000
Reinstating the Divine Woman in Judaism
A GODDESS FOR WOMEN''S PRAYERS Goddesses in ancient religions were particularly significant for women''s physical, social and spiritual well-being. Yet, the Divine Woman was discarded by the monotheistic religions. Arguing her importance for women, the author proposes returning the Divine Woman to Judaism. Textual, archeological and historical analysis reveal how the Canaanite Great Goddess Asherah played a major role as Jahweh''s consort in the religion of biblical Judah and Israel. The author shows how this goddess has not entirely disappeared from modern Judaism - her analysis of the expulsion from the Garden of Eden and the story of Tamar and Judah reveals many traces of Asherah''s worship and myths still in the Bible. The development of the menorah and the kabbalistic Tree of Life from Asherah''s religious symbolism further illustrate the goddess'' profound effect on Judaism. These findings are of great relevance for present-day feminist Judaism. Reintroducing the Divine Woman to Judaism may stimulate new ways of approaching biblical texts, religious practice and yearly festivals - ways that preserve their connection with Jewish tradition but also empower women.

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