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Jess L Owen is the author of My Brother the Angel (2018) and God Made Doggies (2018).

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My Brother the Angel

release date: Mar 18, 2018
My Brother the Angel
My Brother the Angel is a beautifully written, rhyming and captivating book. It tells a story of a family who faces a miscarriage. What makes this story extra sweet is that it''s based off of the author''s own experience.This story perfectly shows that even though our loved ones aren''t here on Earth, they''re still with us forever in heaven.

God Made Doggies

release date: Mar 12, 2018
God Made Doggies
God Made Doggies is an adorable and silly story that any animal lover will enjoy. God made doggies with lots of purposes and this book just about covers every single one! The rhyming words and youthful spirit of this books makes it loved by every child. Jess hopes you love this book almost as much as we all love our doggies!

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