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Jess L Young is the author of Wilbur (2021).

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release date: Oct 22, 2021
Wilbur Morgan is a teenage boy who grew up in poverty but has been given the opportunity to go to a well-educated school. Unfortunately, like most schools, Wilbur has to endure both mental and physical bullying from one of his classmates, Sebastian Lucky, the principal’s son. Wilbur also has a chance to romance the most popular and wealthiest girl in his class, Trudy Mack. Just as things get harder to deal with, like his nickname, Pig Devil, he tries his best to stay positive for his younger twin sisters, Tony and Brooke. However, the struggles of his home and school life may be causing him endless nightmares, and his mind begins to break down. Are these nightmares some kind of visions or even an alternate reality? Will his romance cause him to become blind to what his nightmares are trying to tell him? Is it possible that the advantage of this wealthier lifestyle is a trap? Or will it be too late by the time the answer appears from the mysterious man you’ll encounter with Wilbur along the journey?

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