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John A Connell is the author of Upon A Bloodstained Land (2022).

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Upon A Bloodstained Land

release date: Apr 08, 2022
Upon A Bloodstained Land
Mason lands in Palestine and is caught in an ever-tightening spiral of violence, where one false step could get him killed.Former U.S. Army detective Mason Collins accompanies a group of Jewish refugees on board an illegal ship bound for Palestine. It is April 1947, a little over a year before the formation of the State of Israel, and tensions and violence in the region are reaching a boiling point. The British, Jews, and Arabs are all fighting for dominance. Bombings, armed attacks, and assassinations are rife.Mason joins Laura, the love of his life, in Jerusalem. She''s pregnant with his child, and his priority is to get them out of the volatile region. But she''s in fear for her life and has gone into hiding with evidence of a terrifying conspiracy. Then a skilled assassin picks up their trail.To keep Laura safe, he decides the best option is to run, but tragedy strikes, putting Laura in the hospital with her life hanging by a thread. Enraged, Mason vows to hunt down those responsible, but how can he hunt for killers in a war zone? Who does he turn when he can''t tell friend from foe?He''s ready to lay down his life to keep Laura safe and bring the killers to justice-his particular form of justice. The problem is, a host of bad actors are determined to make him pay that ultimate price.

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