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Twilight Serenade

release date: Jan 01, 2006
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Twilight Serenade
"Devastated by the death of her father, Tom's wife, Molly, runs away to Colorado, jeopardizing their marriage and leaving him to look after her contentious mother and aunt. What sounds simple in theory-taking care of two older women-turns out to be the test of his lifetime. While Molly is in the Rocky Mountains desperately trying to connect with the spirit of her father, Tom remains in Chicago doing his best to keep the two charming sisters-in-law from strangling each other. As he accompanies them to doctors' offices, drugstores and diners, Tom is transformed, slowly developing patience and a latent nurturing side. Eventually, he takes off to Colorado, hoping to convince Molly to come home. In the end, she returns and confronts her mother for having kept her father on life support beyond its necessary time. Although there is no simple resolution, they find a way to continue as a stronger family with love intact."--Publisher's website.

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