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Jonathan L Ferrara is the author of Elijah Dart (2014) and The Monster of Château Du Coeur (2020).

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Elijah Dart

release date: Oct 31, 2014
Elijah Dart
The next Angel of Death has been chosen... Before his fourteenth birthday, ordinary Elijah Dart would not have gone snooping around in a graveyard, joined an old ghost for tea, or battled hellhounds with an ancient scythe. It all lead back to the day he followed the Reapers through the graveyard on All Hallow's Eve - the day he learned he would train to take his father's place as the next Angel of Death. From the imagination of Jonathan L. Ferrara (THE BLACKWELL FAMILY SECRET: THE GUARDIANS OF SIN; Dragonwell Publishing) comes a tale of whimsical adventure, unlikely friends and foes, and a touch of darkness that is sure to be an enjoyable read for audiences of all ages.

The Monster of Château Du Coeur

release date: Jan 01, 2020
The Monster of Château Du Coeur
Two hundred years trapped in this castle, alone and miserable, without a single person to love or even to love such a hideous thing as I. I've been left here without a single memory of who I am, except that I was cruelly created in a lab by the Doctor, my Maker, my father, to only replace the son he lost many years ago. I've been trapped in this 17-year old body ever since, condemned to rot away in this castle. But then a family finds their way here, a family whose lineage traces back to the original owner of the castle. Amongst the family is a fellow 17-year-old boy, Collin--a boy who I can't help but find myself drawn to--to love, to eat, I'm not sure. Collin quickly senses my presence, the monster of the castle, lurking behind his bedroom wall, watching him through subtle cracks in the foundation. I'm not alone anymore. The Doctor's Failed Experiments have begun to appear. It is these three creatures who know the secret of the castle, and of the secret of the Doctor's first experiment--the one who has sworn to return to take vengeance on all those who rest in the castle--the true Monster of Château Du Coeur. We're all in danger.

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