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Julie Earl is the author of No More No (1915).

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No More No

No More No
No More No will help you say yes to God and equip you to hear God's voice, break free from fear and obey God's promptings wherever you go. Julie Earl shares her journey to God's love and forgiveness, and her discovery that God wants to speak, work and love through all Christians - at the grocery store, the mall, work, school and wherever you go. No More No is filled with real-life stories of Julie and others taking risks, ignoring their fears and sharing words and gifts from God's heart. Julie explains the ways God speaks and the gifts He wants to give through you. If you've longed to tell people about God's forgiveness and love for them, but have been hung up by formulas and methods, you'll be thrilled to know there is a better way. You will learn how to listen for God's voice and follow His leading. If you struggle with fear, Julie offers insights and tips to overcome your fears by falling in love with Jesus, falling in love with people and knowing who you are in Christ. You'll be so in love with Jesus and people, and so confident in the fact you are God's beloved child, that you will no longer let the fear of what people think stop you from obeying God's voice and God's promptings. Whether you are a seeker, a new believer or a mature Christian, No More No will challenge and inspire you to live the amazingly fun life you were meant to live as you say yes to God! Reviews for No More No "I love this book! Julie shares her inspiring journey of learning to hear God's voice, ignore her fears and say yes to God's promptings at the store, the mall, the workplace and even online. Julie fills the pages with powerful testimonies as well as great tips on how to listen for God's voice and share His gifts of love in a way that is fun and stress free. No More No will inspire your heart with a new level of faith for hearing God's voice and ministering His love and power in everyday living." - J. Nicole Williamson, Author of five books including Heaven's Secret of Success and Founding Director of King's Lantern International "There is a time for learning and a time for action. In reading No More No, I'm truly convicted that even though I'm a fulltime missionary, I have spent far too much time trying to learn, and not nearly enough time trying to simply do what Jesus did. Julie's numerous (and often humorous) examples of this commitment to say yes to Jesus daily have inspired me to go and do likewise!" -Scott Sullivan, Director of New Initiatives, Frontiers France "No More No could completely change how you live your did mine!" -Barbara S. "I'm excited to use this book in my own life and as a teaching source to help people hear God's voice and boldly step out and act on it." -Mary Ann E. "I fell in love with this book from the moment I started reading it, and I began having my own encounters with people who needed prayer after the first two chapters!" -Nancy R. "This is a great read for those who want to begin a relationship with God and for those who want their relationship to grow." -Matt W. "I cried at Julie's intense boldness in the theatre. Wow! Come on, Jesus!" -Karis J.

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